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CAPM Exam software | CAPM Test


Online CAPM Exam Preparation & Practice Tests : 12  audio-video chapters as per PMBOK® Guide 4th., Quiz at the end of eachchapter, 2 full CAPM Exam simulation tests, Downloadable CAPM® Prep eBook, 23 Contact Hours. Learn more >>>





PMLearn, an organization intended to train individuals online in Project Management since 2002, now offers a product for everyone wishing to become a 'certified associate' in the field. CAPM Exam Simulation Software is a program that you can install in your computer to familiarize yourself with the actual CAPM test. It offers two sets of 150-questions that are designed after the 12 chapters of PMBOK. With this program, you are ensured of accuracy and relevance of the subject.

Similar to the real exam, this software offers a feature where you can flag a question you want to review after finishing the rest. It also has a timer feature to track your speed in answering the questions. With this regard, you will know if you are too fast or too slow so you can adjust. Keep in mind that in the actual exam you will only be given 3 hours to answer and review everything. Therefore, the timer is really beneficial for your preparation. However, if you are multitasking and wish not to time your mock exam, you can easily turn it off.


CAPM Exam simulation software300 CAPM Exam questions & answers where you download the software to your desktop .

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Sometimes when people study, they focus on what they are not too much aware of. Good thing with CAPM Exam Simulation Software, you can choose which chapter of PMBOK you want the questions to come from. Now, you can specifically try to answer questions on a section you want to concentrate on. To improve your exam preparation experience, the software also gives you a comprehensive report of your test results with your total grade and chapter grade, so you will know which section still needs progress. It only stores your record history in order for you to accurately track your performance.

People who want to get onto a project management team, earning a CAPM certification is a plus point to put you ahead of the many applicants out there. A thorough knowledge of the field is therefore imperative, and a lot of preparation needs to be done. So before you sit and write your CAPM exam, equip yourself with the right tools to bring you the right information and resources. CAPM Exam Simulation Software will help bring you to the right track to start your career in Project Management.